Consultative Committees

The AFNIC has two consultative committees: one for registrars and the other for Users

The AFNIC has two consultative committees:

  • the Registrars Consultative Committee that bring together Registrars members of the AFNIC;
  • the Users Consultative Committee with Legal entities members and Individul members.


These Consultative Committees take place twice a year.

They allow exchanges between the AFNIC and its members on important ongoing matters and on the strategical orientations that may then be submitted to the Board of Directors.
The elected Registrars and Users representatives preside over these Consultative Committees and can, if they wish to do so, cause votes around propositions that will be brought to the Board of Directors.

More information

For further details, please refer to the Articles of Association, number 9 and 19 and to the internal regulations, chapter 3.4.

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