Generic NIC

Within the scope of the International College's work, AFNIC has set up a platform for the integration of registry management technologies.

While each NIC (Network Information Centre) develops its own technologies, a certain level of uniformisation tends to emerge, allowing the development of "ready to use" solutions, which are written and circulated as freeware.


Expertise is transferred through the creation of a generic NIC platform, which incorporates the technologies needed to manage a partner NIC, based on those developed by AFNIC or by other organisations, using open software. Companion courses, which are devised to ensure that these technologies are implemented correctly, are organised for around ten NIC administrators by three AFNIC trainers.


AFNIC's "Generic NIC" technical training lasts for one week and covers the following points:

  • general architecture of a registry: the interface with domain name registrars, registration form, ticket system, database (Whois and DNS);
  • internal schema of a registry information system, and its relationship with the Whois and DNS services;
  • advanced classes on DNS, DNS-related issues for a registry, presentation and use of the ZoneCheck tool.


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