The International College Fund

The work of the International College is primarily geared towards helping registries in developing countries.


Since its inception in 1998, the AFNIC International College has been designed:

  • to serve as a point of reference and exchange for registries of Top Level Domains in developing countries;
  • to provide a genuine testing ground for, and/or means of validating practical solutions;
  • to help constitute a unique database for the transfer and sharing of basic knowledge as well as business practices.

The work of the International College is primarily geared towards helping the managers of these registries. The latter are often called upon to develop the information society in their respective countries.

This commitment is based on the values of co-development which are currently taking on new scope and scale with the establishment of the AFNIC International College Fund, which intends to be a sustainable means of cohesion and support for the members of the AFNIC College.


Presentation of the Fund

The assignment of the AFNIC International College Fund is to promote the activities or achievements that reinforce the role of TLDs in developing countries as well as those of the members of the International College in supporting the growth of the digital economy in their respective countries.

These actions, at the initiative of the International College, and in accordance with the co-development approach, must result in multilateral projects.

These can help in capacity building, in developing cooperation networks in areas that have a genuine impact, in levering the means required to disseminate, exchange, and share information, or in assisting individual beneficiaries to take part in actions related to Internet governance, at the national and/or international levels.

As part of its assignment, the Fund provides assistance to projects whose design has been finalised and which require financial or technical support. The projects are submitted and selected through periodic calls for projects (the current basis is the calendar year).

Assistance may take the following forms:

  • subsidies (co-funding of up to 75%);
  • individual grants (co-funding of up to 80%);
  • support for specific assignments and objectives consistent with those of the Fund (the amount of which depends on the nature of the assignments or objectives).

Each call for projects specifies the procedures for selecting and funding projects. Once they have been informed of the call for projects, applicants are asked to fill in the application form and its appendices.


2013 Calls for Projects

Download the documents (in French) for the 2013 Calls for Projects:



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