Based on participation and sharing with the Internet community, AFNIC Labs bear the French contribution to the development of Internet standards of today and tomorrow.


Since its inception in 1997, AFNIC has placed R&D at the heart of its strategy. AFNIC's engineers and researchers are actively involved in the development of innovative products and services for tomorrow's Internet. Their work helps also to promote the attractiveness of namespaces that AFNIC operates, such as .fr, .re, .paris, .bzh, and ovh. In permanent contact with international experts, AFNIC’s researchers and engineers also make an active contribution to the richness and diversity of the scientific and technical Internet community in France, sharing their knowledge and expertise.


The activity of AFNIC Labs focuses on three main areas:


    • Conduct exploratory projects/experiments and develop innovative products & services;
    • Carry out technology watch and participate in standardization activities;
    • Knowledge transfer and disseminate research results and expertise internally and externally.


To find out more about these main areas, visit tha Afnic Labs overview page.


To help carry out this activity, AFNIC Labs has constitutred a Scientific Council (Since 2007), a consultative body which advices AFNIC’s Board of Directors and management in defining its scientific strategy.


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