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Bits per second. This measures the flow rate of a line, the bandwidth of a communication line and therefore the data transmission speed.

The term b/s is expressed as:

— Kb/s (1 Kilo = 1024 bits per second),

— Mb/s (1 Mega= 1024 kilos or just over one million bits),

— Gb/s (1 Giga = 1 billion bits per second).



Usually a broadband network interconnecting several subnets and constituting an important transit point in a network.

Synonyms: "backbone network", "network backbone".



Amount of information that a communication channel is capable of conveying. It is measured in bits per second (bps).

In practice, this term refers to the maximum transmission capacity of a telecommunication line.


Banned term(s)

Fundamental term(s) whose registration and/or allocation are subject to the approval of the AFNIC Board of Directors based on a substantiated request.

Examples: offensive, racist, rude comments, etc..



Unit of measurement for the speed of modulation, i.e. the number of signal changes per unit time in a data transmission sequence.

Not to be confused with bit.


Baud rate

Quantity and speed of data transmission.



French acronym for a Registrar (Bureau d'Enregistrement).


Billing contact or billing-c

The name and address of the person who will be sent invoices related to the domain name (for its initial creation, renewal, etc.), if different from the administrative contact.

The billing contact for a domain name can be found – when it exists – in the Whois directory for the extension under which the domain name is registered.

The name of the billing contact is published in the Whois directory.



Refers to the language (binary code) used by computers to represent data; the basic alphabet consists of two elements: 0 and 1.



Berkeley Internet Name Domain or Berkeley Internet Name Daemon

Name of free software most commonly used for the implementation of DNS protocols. BIND consists of three parts: a domain name server, a client capable of querying other DNS servers, and technical testing tools.



Binary digIT

Basic unit of information in binary language, which may take two coded values: 0 or 1.



Operation carried out by Afnic on a domain name when it has identified a breach of the terms or spirit of the naming policy (for example, after an administrative problem or a failed holder authentication attempt). The cases and conditions for blocking are specified in the Afnic naming policy.

To read the Afnic naming policy click here

Antonym: Unblocking.



French acronym for the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle)

This weekly bulletin reports on applications for registration, effective registrations and withdrawals of trademarks, patents and designs.

Publication in the BOPI is used in particular to determine the "publication date" of a brand; for French brands, publication occurs approximately six weeks after the date of registration.



The term refers to a defect in a computer design or in the implementation of a program which is indicated by a malfunction.



Unit of measure for small data carriers.

A byte equals eight bits. 1000 bytes is a KB, 1 million bytes is 1 MB.