Finding a Registrar

Registrars serve as intermediaries between you and Afnic; they are your points of contact.

The Purpose of Registrars

A registrar is a service provider (ISP, DNS host, web agency, etc.) accredited by Afnic to register your domain names under one of the .fr, .pm, re, .tf, .wf or .yt ccTLDs.  They are mandatory intermediaries between you and Afnic for any application to register a domain name.

Today there are about 400 registrars accredited by AFNIC through which domain names with one of the .fr, .pm, re, .tf, .wf or .yt ccTLDs can be purchased.

Its role is to carry out all the formalities with Afnic services, involving the creation, renewal, transfer, change of ownership or deletion of your domain name. In addition to managing your domain names, a registrar also offers certain services such as the management of custom email addresses, the allocation of server space to host the pages of your website, redirection to an existing website, etc.

Finding a Registrar Accredited by Afnic

To help you in your search through the 400 registrars accredited by Afnic, you can consult our Registrar Directory.

The directory provides various search criteria (name, location, type of service) to select your future service provider.

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